Sunday mornings are for Mimosas and First Date Brunches

The weekend is here and you’re thinking about where to go on your first date.  At Amare Exclusive we are a matchmaking agency that not only finds matches but then goes the extra mile and arranges dates in London, so we always get asked for first date suggestions.

Dinner on a first date is a tried and tested winner, but how about trying something new – go for brunch on a first date instead?

Brunch can be fun, casual and a more relaxed kind of date. A first date is about getting to know if there is potential to have a relationship. So in the bright light of day what could be better than brunch!

Start of with a Mimosa or a Bellini and get to know each other. After the food if the date is going well you have the rest of the day to continue it.

Amare Exclusive Tip:
We recommend planning ahead and finding out what else there is to do near the brunch venue, so you can make the date flow seamlessly.

Try some of London’s Best Brunches.

No. 14 is one of our favourites.

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