Does this question make you feel uncomfortable?

It’s the holiday season! Full of parties, festive cheer and spending time with those that you hold dear.

Being single this time of year can be lots of fun. However it can also be tricky, with friends and family you do not see that often asking about your relationship status.

That moment when you get asked, “Haven’t you settled down yet? Have you found someone special?”

Your heart sinks as you were dreading being asked that, whilst your mind is thinking “if I had, wouldn’t they be with me now?!” Such an annoying question.


Be prepared with a witty answer. When I used to be in that situation, replying with “I have everything ready for my wedding. The venue, the caterers, the florist, even the priest – the only thing I still need to find is the groom – then I’m all set.”  I found that normally put an end to the inquisition in a polite and humoured way.


The thing to remember is that the person asking probably means well, but just doesn’t see you that often, so may genuinely want to know how your personal life is going.

If the question makes you uncomfortable, perhaps you need to reflect on why that is. Are you happy in your personal life?

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