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Q&A with Shilpa Gandhi

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10 Tips For A Successful Date On Valentine’s Day

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From gazing at stars to sky high bars, cruising on a boat or taking a romantic walk, here are Amare Exclusive’s favourite things to do in London this Valentine’s Day.

It’s the holiday season! Full of parties, festive cheer and spending time with those that you hold dear. Being single this time of year can be lots of fun. However

Always has good manners It’s small gestures like holding doors, offering his seat, sharing his umbrella and giving you his jacket when you’re cold; that makes him stand out from

There is nothing more attractive than dating a positive person. As a matchmaker for busy professionals, I know dating in a city like London can be exhausting and brutal –

The weekend is here and you’re thinking about where to go on your first date.  At Amare Exclusive we are a matchmaking agency that not only finds matches but then

A first date can be exciting and full of anticipation. Don’t over-think what will happen on the date and what the outcome will be. Instead think of it as you’re

Being single on Valentine ’s Day could make you feel a bit disheartened and blue. Remember, you are the creator of your own destiny. So turn that feeling into a