8 Chivalrous Habits of a Real Gentleman

  1. Always has good manners
    It’s small gestures like holding doors, offering his seat, sharing his umbrella and giving you his jacket when you’re cold; that makes him stand out from the rest. This is the nature of a gentleman.
  2. Puts your safety first
    Makes sure you get home safely – better still drops you to your door without an ulterior motive of expecting to be invited in.
  3. Thoughtfulness
    Sends you flowers and gifts, not just for a special occasion but to let you know how special you are to him.
  4. Shows respect
    Respects you, as well as your family and friends.  This shows the character of a real gentleman.
  5. Remembers things that are important to you
    Not just your birthday but day to day things like an important meeting at work, an interview, whatever it may be, he always texts or calls to ask how it went.
  6. Is attentive
    Compliments you and asks about your day. Gives you his undivided attention without constantly checking his phone and taking calls. Above all a true gentleman takes an interest in what you say and values your opinion.
  7. Always keeps his word
    When he says he’s going to call – he does. He does what he says as a matter of principle.
  8. Courts you rather than dates you
    The difference is, dating someone often has no commitment to pursue a future together. Courting someone is a relationship where both sides enter into it with a future in mind.


At Amare Exclusive we encourage courting. We matchmake Ladies to real men, Gentlemen, for whom Chivalry is not an action but an automatic reaction.

If you’d like to know more about what we do at Amare Exclusive, feel free to contact us and we’ll schedule a call with our director and certified Matchmaker Shilpa Gandhi.



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